I am Mark Applegate. I am a Christian, a Husband, a three-fold Father and a Servant Leader to Seniors. My whole life I have been amazed by the brain. My blog will delve into the inner reaches of my gray matter from a host of angles. Some folds you may like.  Parts will make you laugh. Perhaps whole hemispheres will make you cry. Welcome to the billion billion cells of my Brain.

This website consists of the primary blog below; the Applegate Top 8, a periodic top 8 list of humor and/or candor; Brain Amiss, an blogging arena dedicated to understanding and comforting those who have a loved one who struggles with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, mental illness and the like; and Stuff That Makes My Brain Light Up, a catalog of videos, articles and other media that I scoured the web to find that makes me smile or feel encouraged; A Fresh Brain will be a storehouse of helpful informational videos and websites about the brain and its many challenges. I hope you find something you like or need in this work. I know I will.


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